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Decom Office Space

Decommission Services

Workplace space requirements can fluctuate for many reasons, often requiring organizations to decommission an existing space in preparation for a new occupant, reconfiguration or new construction. Stripping a office space down to its bare bones presents an opportunity for companies to evaluate the optimal way to dispose, recycle or reuse the tonnage of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) materials that far too often end up in landfills. VGS helps companies cost-effectively decommission their spaces while simultaneously advancing sustainability and environmental, health and safety initiatives.


Turnkey Office Furniture Removal 

Our local, knowledgeable, cross-trained staff will assist you from the initial consultation to final delivery.  A dedicated project manager will provide a single point of contact for anything you need.  Our experience saves you from having to hire and coordinate multiple teams.

What's My Used Office  Furniture Worth?

When you are looking to upgrade your office furniture, first you have to figure out what to do with your old furniture.  You probably paid a lot of money to have the furniture installed and would like to get some value out of it as it's removed.  Unfortunately, the additional time required to remove the furniture, trucking and storage generally means your old office furniture has no monetary value.

There are still 2 ways you can do some good as you get rid of your furniture:

  1. Consider the environmental impacts and landfill waste in the removal process.

  2. Often, schools and not for profit companies can take some of your used items as a tax deductible donation.

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A Path to Zero Landfill


Decommissioning office space removes many tons of trash, technology, FF&E.  As the ones actually touching each item, the decommissioning crew has a unique opportunity to optimize material streams.  With on-site sorting and preprocessing materials and then working with donation and recycling vendors, VGS Logistics has a proven process to avoid landfill waste.

Our decommissioning services include reporting advanced metrics to our clients to aid in their project LEED certification.


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